Remembering What Cannot Be Forgotten

It hurts to remember, but it is impossible to forget. In honor of all who were forever affected by the attacks on September 11, 2001, I choose to remember you today...

The canvas was glorious before the artist's eyes.

The beauty in his mind was with each stroke revealed.

But suddenly an onlooker came and marred the masterpiece.

Were these smears and scars beyond the artist's power to wield?

The canvas still precious in the artist's eyes.

The beauty in his mind had not begun to grow dim.

The purpose of the onlooker may have achieved some victory,

As not all smears and scars are covered to be healed.

But the canvas is now more beautiful in the artist's eyes.

The beauty in his mind now reflecting also the pain of his soul.

The onlooker had attempted to break what couldn't be broken,

Not knowing that the smears and scars help to make the piece whole.

This poem is a dedication to all who have seen pain in life from an "onlooker".

To all who have been hurt and have attempted to paint over the smears and scars in the healing process. May we each choose to see the scars as part of our beauty, loving who we memory of who we were.

Psalms 147:3, Psalm 34:18

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