Dear coronavirus...

Dear coronavirus,

Some call you coronavirus, some say COVID-19. Just letting you know that I am calling you by what you are in the big scheme of things: Just another mask that the spirit of fear has chosen to wear.

There have been many masks worn, so don't feel special.

I was in a prayerful state of mind yesterday afternoon as I pondered the panic response that has engulfed the world recently at the sound of your name, and you know what came to my heart? That no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Oh, don't think that I was praying out of fear that something would happen to me, because the Lord dealt with fear on my behalf a long time ago. No, what burdens me now is the thought of so many others in fear. It breaks my heart for them, and so it angers me as far as you are concerned.

So, just a reminder of how foolish it was to spark fear in so also sparked prayer in those who know to do so. So thank you.

In case you didn't catch it the first time, I am not fearful of you. Even if you were to hit me with your best shot - because if you were to take my life, I would still win. I do serve you notice, however, that I am praying for your mask to be removed and eyes to be opened globally to the true victory over you found in Jesus Christ.

We were not given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound there is no room for you here.



Father, so many are in fear - if not of the actual sickness, of the lack of supplies and economical impact of it. You are in control. You are faithful. Thank You for Your perfect love that casts out all fear. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

1 John 4:18, Isaiah 54:17, Psalm 91

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