Time to Rise Up

She lived in a tent, so the tent peg and hammer were readily available. She probably knew that she didn't seem to pose a threat. She was a woman. She was alone. But when it came time to take care of the enemy...she rose up and took the opportunity she was given.

We had one of those large family Bibles when I was a child. The picture that went with Jael's story intrigued me. The image of a woman about to hammer a tent peg through a man's temple...kind of sounds like it should be in one of today's crime shows instead of the Book of Judges.

However, there is something about this story that draws me more today than the picture did when I was a kid. Obviously the fact that a woman was highlighted and celebrated for her victory gives me courage. But also there is a distinct quality in her that blows my mind.

She quietly silenced the enemy.

She didn't need fanfare and an audience. She didn't wait for someone to join her to make her feel stronger. With an unshaken calmness, she gave Sisera milk to drink and covered him up, causing him to doze off...leaving him unknowingly vulnerable.

Unknowingly. Sisera, the man lying in her tent, was an army commander! How could he possibly feel threatened? She was alone. She was a woman.

You are just one person. How could you possibly be a threat to the enemy?

I urge you to step into the secret place with the Almighty God. Close the door to your prayer closet and find yourself alone...but not alone. Your weakness may even be a lure to leave your enemy unknowingly vulnerable. But it's time to rise up and let the enemy know what happens when he takes a step in your direction.

It's time to rise up with no need for an audience.

It's time to rise up with no fear of the enemy.

It's time to rise up with complete confidence in our God.

May an unshakable calm saturate you today, giving you a fearlessness to take up the tools the Lord has given you and show the enemy what happens when he comes near your home.

Rise up.

Father, I wonder if I would have had the courage to face a physical enemy in the way that Jael did. More than that, I pray that You give me the courage to face the spiritual enemies that would see me as one who isn't a threat. I hide myself in You, Lord. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Judges 4-5, Psalm 91, Matthew 6:6

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