December 16, 2019

Should you take a glance at your surroundings today, 

And begin to wonder if the Lord had this in mind,

And should you stand in a questioning pause at the outcome of the path,

And wonder what His reasons could have been all this time...


Think of the virgin who arrived at a stable great with Child.

Think of the Child who arrived in a stable meek and mild.

Think of the stable, rather than a palace filled with gold.

And remember that the Lord has a purpose beyond what we behold.



I wonder if Mary and Joseph thought that nothing that was happening to them in Bethlehem could have possibly been the Lord's plan.  From their perspective at the time, it couldn't have looked more opposite of what "should" have been happening.  But He knew what He was doing.  


He still knows what He is doing.  


I challenge you to consider the thought that the place you find yourself today - though it may "feel" like the Lord has abandoned you to the elements - that this is on purpose.  Rather than looking back at the promise and then looking around questioning, "Here, Lord?"...I urge you to trust Him.


The One who closed every door in Bethlehem, yet left the stable open for the Lamb to arrive is the same One who knows exactly where you need to be today.  Just keep following Him.


Father, I don't always understand, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't always trust You.  Even when I look around and think, "Here?"...I know that You work all things for my good.  In Jesus' Name.  Amen.


Luke 2:1-7, Romans 8:28

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