On Purpose

"But they did not receive Him, because His face was set for the journey to Jerusalem."

In Luke 9 there was a Samaritan village located on Jesus' way to Jerusalem. This village did not receive Him. They could tell that He had another destination in mind. (This was the instance in which James and John wanted to call fire down on the people as Elijah had done in the past.) The time was drawing near for the Lord to take up the cross and fulfill what He came to do. The Word says that "He steadfastly set His face to go to Jerusalem." He knew the timing, and He knew what He needed to do. So He did it...regardless of the response of this village.

I wonder - how often do we waste time in our own Samaritan villages? How often do we linger in certain seasons with certain people who are not supposed to receive us with open arms? I wonder if we strive to be validated and liked by those whose dislike is actually meant to push us along to our purpose.

Perhaps you are not one who craves validation from people. I'm so happy for you...genuinely. I long to have the mindset of knowing what and where I'm supposed to be, and then setting my face on that path regardless of naysayers. But perhaps you strive to make a relationship or career path work for your own pride, that wasn't meant for you to keep afloat in the grand scheme?

There are some relationships that we look back and wonder why they didn't work. There are some jobs in which we are spinning our wheels to get traction...when we should be spinning our wheels to keep going. Some pieces of our puzzles are not supposed to fit! Some villages on the way are not meant for a long visit.

They are just on the way. I challenge you to find out what they are on the way to, and then set your face in that direction. Jesus didn't rebuke the village; He just kept going.

Keep going. Find your purpose, and then live on purpose.

Father, I get so distracted so easily. I want to make sure that every village along the way is pleased, even if that means that I linger in that season too long. Forgive me. Please help me to set my face on Your plan. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Luke 9:51-56

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