I Don't Understand

Have you ever been reading your Bible and found that your forehead has been clinched the whole time with that "I have no clue what I'm reading" face? I wonder if this is why so many Christians leave their Bibles on the coffee table, desk, or shelf....rather than picking it up and reading it more consistently.

Sometimes we just don't understand.

What has landed in my heart this morning to share is not just to point out that understanding often eludes us when it comes to the Word, but also to find out what to do about it. To be completely honest, there are margins in my Bible where I have written question marks. There are stories I read that have me scratching my head. There are truths that I zip through with intentions of going back and figuring out what it could have meant.

But I believe them.

If a math instructor were to walk up to a child in Kindergarten and teach him an accurate lesson in calculus, the chances of the child fully understanding it are slim...unless he is a genius. Does that make what the instructor said wrong? No.

A lack of understanding shouldn't mean a lack of belief.

I encourage you to keep reading, even when you don't get it. Keep asking the Lord what it means, even when He hasn't explained it yet. And keep believing Him, even when it's hard. I am so thankful to love and worship a God who can blow my mind at any time. It is intriguing to know that I don't have Him figured out, but that I have eternity to try and scratch the surface of all that He is.

Father, don't let me wait for understanding before I trust You. Your ways and Your thoughts are so much higher than mine. I believe You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Isaiah 55:8-9, Matthew 13:13-14, Matthew 7:7, Proverbs 2:1-6

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