Letting Go

I have discovered that I have a new hero - or heroine - in the Word of God. Her name isn't mentioned until later on after her heroic act, but her act blows my mind more than it ever has. Jochebed. The mother of Moses.

She knew how to let go.

There had been a horrid command by her oppressor, Pharaoh king of Egypt, to kill all male Hebrew babies when they were born. We know the story, how she hid him for three months until she could do so no longer. Then rather than cling to him as is a mother's nature, she built a safe place to place her promise in the Lord's hands.

There is the thought that a mother would be willing to lay down her life for her child...with her child. So why did she place him in the exact location where the babies were being taken to die? Why didn't she dramatically cry out that she would not give in to Pharaoh's orders? I believe that she trusted God.

She may not have known what the Lord had in mind for Moses in the process of deliverance. She may not have known that he would have to grow up in the Egyptian culture away from her. But does faith require knowing what is going to happen before we act upon it?

What are you holding onto today that cries out in the hidden, secret place of your heart? What promise has the Lord entrusted you to carry until the time for it to be released to Him? I challenge you to trust Him with what He has entrusted to you. I encourage you to let go of what you would guard with your life when you realize that it is time for Him to take over for you.

We only discover that the Lord's way is perfect when we choose it for ourselves. Maybe it's time that we learn how to build a waterproof basket, knowing that the One who gave us His promise knows how to keep it.

Father, I don't want to just believe with my mind and heart that You are able to carry onto completion what You start...I want my actions to prove this faith. Help me to know when to let go. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Exodus 2:1-10, Exodus 6:20, Philippians 1:6, Psalm 18:30

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