The More I Seek You...

About sixteen years ago I was in a service at church with well-known musical guests, and the gentleman spoke something to the congregation that I have not forgotten. He said - concerning seeking the Lord (not verbatim) - that we know how to get to Him. How to get in His Presence. I remember thinking, "But I don't know! Please tell me!" I wanted someone to give me a formula, a step-step-by-step plan, of how to get to God and hear from Him.

Didn't happen.

I would love to tell you that I am listing out a step-by-step for you today. I'm sorry. However, I will tell you this: what he said stood out to me and stirred in me a realization of how much I WANTED to get to Him and caused me, along with other things and the help of other people, to find out for myself.

Look with me in the book of Jeremiah, and you will find the Lord dealing with some false prophets. They were speaking lies to the people and labeling it "The Lord has said." But He had not spoken this to them! What stands out to me today in this passage is this, however: He didn't just rebuke them; He shared with them that they could have known what His words were.

"I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran. I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. But if they had stood in My counsel, and caused My people to hear My Words, then they would have turned them from their evil way and from the evil of their doings."

Is it possible that we want to know what the Lord says about a certain situation, but we either don't know how to find out...or we don't want to go to the trouble of standing in His counsel? So then we gather our own feelings and the opinions of others and label it "The Lord is saying..." Lord, please forgive me for ever doing this!! I want to get into His counsel and find out what He is truly saying, but it isn't done without abandoning my own opinions and laying down my own will.

I challenge you first of all to make sure that you WANT to know what He is saying to you.

Then - do whatever it takes to get into His Presence and seek Him.

Carve out time every day to be spent in prayer and reading the Word.

When He brings conviction about certain things, lay them aside.

Choose that you want His will, not yours.

Fast and pray.


(Well, I guess that is kind of a step-by-step...)

Jesus Himself said, "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches." I want ears to hear. I want to seek Him until I find Him. What do you want?

Father, I don't want to go by my feelings and assume that it is Your will. Please guide me in finding out what pleases You, what You are saying to me. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Jeremiah 23, Isaiah 55:6, Matthew 7:7, Revelation 2:7

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