Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours

Something that I shared in a Bible study a few weeks ago popped up in my thoughts again last night in a conversation with my husband. I want the Lord to bother me, to break my burden me with what is on His heart.

By nature I am selfish. I confess that I don't naturally default to praying for all of the heavy situations that are going on in the world, the church, in others' lives - unless the Lord stirs me to do so. However, when He does press heavily but gently on my heart for a certain issue, I cannot help but want to bring it before Him in prayer.

So I ask you, what burdens you? What bothers you? In the conversation with Jeff last night, the solution that seemed to resound to me concerning something bothering us was this: perhaps the Lord is allowing it to bother us, so that we can pray earnestly about it.

I challenge you to search your heart and discover what issue burdens you and bothers you. Let that be your assignment in prayer. If you don't know of anything specific - let your assignment be to cry out to the Lord for Him to bother you. I want Him to break my heart for what breaks His heart.

I don't want to just live a comfortable, happy life that is spent turning my head from all of the problems that are hurting Him. Being passionate for Him means being passionate for what He is passionate about - finding the lost and saving them.

Father, I want my heart to be burdened with the stuff that You desire me to bring to You in prayer. I want to truly intercede and watch Your hand at work in the world around me. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Isaiah 62:1, 6-7, Psalm 122:6, Luke 18:1-8

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