Dear Storm...

Dear storm,

The ride was calming and enjoyable until you came. Now the violence of your winds is causing the waves to toss me around, and I feel like I have lost control of everything. I don't know what to do anymore.

As soon as I empty out some of the water that has entered the boat, more rushes in on me. The hardest part is that I don't see an end in sight. Your clouds only grow thicker and darker, and the lightning is terrifying me. I don't want to give up, but you are more powerful than I am.

I feel so lost; I have been thrown off course completely, and the darkness blocks any view of what direction to turn. Anxiety is beginning to overwhelm me, as the waves mock me with their taunts. It's suffocating.

I can't handle it on my own anymore...

And I don't have to - I remember that He is with me sleeping peacefully despite your raging. All I have to do is cry out for help. You are more powerful than me, but He is Lord over you. He silences you. Why did I allow your voice to drown out the faith that I had the last time I could hear Him clearly? His silence did not mean His absence.

To be honest, I now realize that He doesn't have to silence you for me to know His peace. Your loud raging only causes me to want to be closer to Him, so joke's on you. What caused me to fear and doubt now causes me to trust and believe. Guess that means you have lost your power.

If your winds cause me to take shelter under His wings, then by all means blow fiercely. If your rains cause me to hide in the shelter of His Name, then by all means pour out all you have. If your roar causes me to focus more intently on the sweetest Voice I know, then by all means roar loudly. The ride was calming before you came, but He has been all the calm that I need ever since.

So thank you.


Held in the Storm

Father, thank You that You work all things together for the good of those who love You...even the storms. Use them to draw us closer to You, I pray. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Psalm 119:67, Matthew 8:23-27

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