Lessons from the Beach - #2

We didn't really build a sand castle this go-around at the beach, but my daughter did build a sand turtle. I didn't go back to the same spot the next day, but I am certain that the turtle would not have been there waiting on me if I had. Why? What is built on the sand will not last.

Sure the sand is easy to command and control for a little while, but it too easily gives in to what can overpower it. Be it someone's footsteps, the wind, or the tide rolling in when the current is strong - sand cannot stand.

My thoughts go to the analogy that Jesus gave of the two builders. One built his house upon the sand, and the other upon the rock. In both cases "the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat" on the houses. Only one stood firm.

It may take more effort to build using stone and brick than just shaping sand with your fingertips. It will take effort to build your life upon obedience to the Word of God, rather than just going with the flow and doing what you feel like in the moment. However, isn't the reward worth the effort?

I don't want to build a castle of a life that is temporarily glorious...yet eternally useless. I desire to lay up treasures in heaven and know that the rains, floods and winds cannot destroy them. I want to offer the master Carpenter the best materials I have, knowing that no tide can rush in and wash away what He can do in my life.

I challenge you to live a life of obedience to the Lord and His Word - one day at a time. It may take more time and effort to build it, but it will not fall when the storm comes.

Father, I don't want a sand castle of a life. I want to build upon the Rock of Jesus Christ, knowing that hearing Your Words and obeying them will cause my life to stand firm in You. I trust Your promise in this. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Matthew 7:24-27

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