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Sure, we are not sitting in a boat and mending our nets on the Sea of Galilee. Neither are we tax collectors at our tables just doing our thing. We live in today, in a time that the Son of God does not walk among us in the flesh as He did about 2000 years ago. In a time that we cannot have the experience of the physical Lord walking up to us to say, "Follow Me." But I want to follow Him, so what do I do?

A memory stirred in me this morning of the beginning of my "pressing as close to Him as I can" journey. I had a mentor, and I watched and listened and gleaned all that I could. I wanted to know Him as she knew Him. I wanted to know the Word and live it as she did. So I "followed" her. (Don't get me wrong, not in a creepy, stalker way.) I felt the Lord enable me to learn from Him through someone tangible to get me to the point to where I knew His voice for Myself.

It makes me think of Joshua going with Moses up the mountain to the Lord, and then when he would linger at the Tent of Meeting, even after Moses would leave. It makes me think of Elisha adamantly following Elijah, even after Elijah let him know to stay where he was. It makes me think of Ruth letting Naomi know that she was going wherever she went, no matter what.

We do not have the Lord in the flesh to teach us and guide us, but we have His Spirit. We have His Word. We have those He has raised up to lead us and teach us His ways. The apostle Paul said to imitate him as he imitated Christ.

So I challenge you to be sensitive to the Lord's voice and find out whom He would have you watch to learn of His ways. I challenge you mentors to follow Him closely...someone is watching you to go where you go.

Father, I want to be on the heels of my Shepherd, following each footprint. Help us to be sensitive to teach Your ways in truth, and also to learn correctly from those You place in our lives. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Mark 1:19-20, Matthew 9:9, Exodus 24:13, Exodus 33:11

2 Kings 2, Ruth 1:16-17, 1 Corinthians 11:1

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