Lesson of the Rings

As creatures of habit, we have an unfortunate tendency to want a "repeat" of what the Lord has done for us in the past. For example, if He spoke to me through a certain song during service last week, I start to expect that the same song should move me similarly the next time I hear it. Sadly, this is how we begin to build a box.

In conversation with a friend Sunday, I shared of how the Lord had overwhelmed me the weekend before that. This isn't verbatim, but we began to say in prayer and conversation that we do not want to offer Him any less praise just because the way He moves us may not "feel" the same from week to week. Then a visual aid came to mind...

I had taken off my wedding rings the day before in effort to protect them and keep them from becoming lost as I went swimming with my family. However, the rings didn't make it back onto my hand the next morning, and it felt so strange without them. I began to connect the thoughts that just because I physically wasn't wearing the rings, it didn't make me less married. I know we say it a lot, but worship is not about feeling - just as the covenant of marriage is not about the ring on my finger.

I thank God that He continues to teach me His ways, and moreover that His ways continue to burst through the box I would build. Just for your information, He moved me again this past Sunday - but in a completely different way. I urge you, please don't limit Him to what He has done in the past. We are in covenant with the Lord through the Blood of Jesus Christ; praise God that we don't have to feel anything to believe the power and constancy of it.

Father, Your way is perfect, so don't let me limit You in my mindset of how I think things should go. I love when You surprise me. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Isaiah 43:16-19, Revelation 21:5

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