There is something about a story that people - myself included - can relate to and connect with that can take its message to a deeper level than merely a monologue of facts. I have relayed before the details of how the Lord used a movie to save me at a young age, and I love that He did! Jesus taught the people through parables...but then when He was alone with His disciples He explained everything to them.

Do we just enjoy the stories, or are we drawn to get alone with Him ourselves? I believe the Lord has left me clues hidden within "parables" throughout my life to see if I would be content with surface knowledge, or if I would crave more and dig deeper.

This devotion can be read in a somewhat two-fold manner. Yes, there is a beauty in hearing the message of the Lord wrapped in a beautiful story. It can be in someone's testimony. It can be through a movie. The Lord is able to tuck nuggets of the treasure of His kingdom in whatever He wants to use. Enjoying the packaging is amazing. But I encourage you to get alone with Him and allow Him to unwrap it in front of your eyes. He doesn't just want us entertained and amused...He wants us close to Him.

The other portion of the two-fold take-away is this: are you telling your story? Have you shared with others how the Lord delivered you, how He saved you - how He rescued you from a life of sin? I have learned that listeners are more responsive to His Word when I share my story, rather than when I just preach a list of do's and don't's. They want to know how I know that He loves them. They want to hear why I desire for them to know Him, too.

Let the parables the Lord brings into your life give you an appetite to draw near Him. Also, I encourage you to share the story of your love for Him. You may be just the parable that He wants to use to draw one more into His arms.

Father, I love Your stories, but I love the time alone with You the most...when You explain them to me. Use my story to bring someone close to You today. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Mark 4:10-12, 33-34

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