To the Class of 2019

I glance over this morning at the cap and gown that are awaiting festivities this weekend, and I think of all who are about to step forward into a new day. A new day. A new season. A new garment.

To all the graduates,

Congratulations on all of your hard work in getting to this point. The door in front of you is standing open, and it may seem inviting to some...but scary to others. Everything has been planned and laid out for you till now. Now the path is what you make of it. The clearly defined lines of high school fade into the uncertainty that lies ahead of you, but don't let this frighten you. Be excited!

Be excited to take a step of your own choosing. Be excited to find out what waits on the other side of that open door. All who have been there before you may offer a piece of advice based on which road they decided to take as they stepped over that threshold...I dare you to listen to them. While it is great to learn from your own mistakes, it is definitely wisdom to learn from someone else's. Listen.

Listen to the voice of the Lord calling you, leading you to the path He has carved out for you. Then muster up the faith and courage it will take to follow Him. Don't be afraid if the path doesn't seem as clear and well-worn as those you have traveled in the past. Just follow Him.

Follow His leading and know that one day you will look back at the younger you wearing the cap and gown. You will remember the uncertainty mixed with hope and the faith battling the will long to give your younger self advice. I dare you to choose wisely, bravely and fearlessly now, so that one day you will look at this day with no regret. So that one day you will be saying to another wearing a cap and gown, "Go for it. Dream big. Walk by faith."

To the Class of 2019 - May your dreams be big enough that you must reach high to find them, and may your roots go deep enough to keep you standing firm in the process.

Father, I lift up all who are stepping into a new season. Please guide and protect them. Please give them wisdom to make choices that honor You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Joshua 1

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