We know from Scripture that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. We also know from Scripture, however, that sin separates us from His Presence. (Still loved, but living apart from Him.) I would like to discuss a different type of separation today...separated unto Him.

I talked with the youth at church Sunday morning about John the Baptist, and I also heard Joyce Meyer talking about him on the radio last week. This man was the older cousin of Jesus, yet he didn't grow up with Him. He grew up in the desert. He lived in the wilderness until the Word of the Lord came to Him, until the time of his manifestation to Israel. Why?

There was a huge calling and responsibility on this man's life. To be able to fulfill his purpose, there had to be some separation from the norm. He was consecrated unto God for the mission of preparing the way for Christ. He was called to prepare, so his life had to prepare him.

Do we honestly think that the gifts, calling and anointing that we desire will just land in our laps without our having to go through anything? I want you to think of Gethsemane for a moment. It was the garden in which the Lord spent time in prayer preparing to go to the cross. It literally means "oil press". There is a pressing, a squeezing involved in producing oil. Similarly, there is a pressing and squeezing involved in walking in the anointing God desires you to carry.

I encourage you to "come out and be separate" in your journey with the Lord. It is called a narrow way for a reason. A narrow way often only provides room for yourself. I challenge you to live apart with Him, rather than live apart from Him. In the world, but not of it - there should be a difference in us.

Father, I want to be separated unto You, not conforming to the pattern of this world but living with my heart and mind set on You. You make a distinction between those who serve You and those who do not. Mark me and pull me to the side, please Lord. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


John 1:29-34

Luke 1:80

Romans 8:35-39

Isaiah 59:2

2 Corinthians 6:11-18

Malachi 3:18

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