You're in My Way

I was reading part of the conversation between the Lord and Moses in Exodus 33 earlier, because the "way of the Lord" was on my heart yesterday. In this conversation Moses requests that the Lord "show me now Your way, that I may know You and that I may find grace in Your sight." We all have a way of doing things. Do you really want to know His?

The Word says that the way of the Lord is perfect. It also says that He made known His deeds to Israel, but that He made known His ways to Moses. His ways. (This is kind of like having deja vu, because I realize that I have written concerning this topic before. It's just one of my ways - repeating things).

I believe sometimes that I really, truly want the will of the Lord in my life...but I want it in my way. It's like knowing an end destination on a map and looking for the shortest route to get there. Our route involves interstate and highest speed methods (AKA a car). All the while the Lord may have in mind that we lace up our hiking boots and take the scenic route on foot with Him.

In a nutshell, we like easy! Newsflash - what I have learned about the way of the Lord in my life is that it has rarely been the easiest path that I could have travelled to get to His will. BUT it has been the perfect path - when I have dared to take it. You see, others may be flying by in a sports car on the autobahn of their lives. However, as I choose to climb the mountain path that has a winding turn that leads far from the main highway into a valley...then onto a desert terrain...before coming back around toward the destination, I find that I am not travelling this path alone.

Let this encourage you as you dare to choose to know His way - His way means that He is taking it with you.

Father, please teach me Your way that I may know You, that I may do things how You want them done. I want to please You, so I need to know how. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Exodus 33:12-23

Psalm 18:30

2 Samuel 22:31

Psalm 103:7

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