Walking the Talk

I want to dare to believe for the impossible...

How many are like me, looking around at the familiarity of your comfort zone again this morning as far as your faith walk is concerned? How many are in the same "boat" with me that seems to be stuck in the middle of the sea, tossed by the waves?

Something stirred in me this morning - I want to dare to step out of the boat. Sure, this is something we talk about regularly, but what does it look like in my everyday life? Peter said to the Lord that if it was Him, for Him to "command" him to come to Him on the water. Do we go that far? Because, you know, once it becomes a commandment to believe the impossible, we lean toward disobedience if we don't take the step.

What boat are you stuck in today? Personally, I look around at my default routine and wonder what I would do if the Lord told me to wake up a little earlier. What if He handed me the crayon of faith and told me to color outside the lines a little...those lines of the well-beaten path I am used to taking. That others are used to seeing me take.

Even the slightest change that comes from getting your feet wet can be frightening, because others are watching. Attention is inevitably drawn to you when you step outside of your ordinary, everyday self. Change draws a crowd - some who are excited for you, and some who want to watch you sink.

Oh, and on top of daring to put action to the faith we speak...remember that there was contrary, boisterous wind when Peter climbed out of the boat. If we are waiting on perfect, sunny-day circumstances to walk the talk, we might as well just stay comfortable on the boat. It is in the storm that our faith is tested the most, but it is in the storm that His faithfulness to us is proven to others who are trapped in their own boat.

Father, I want to get my feet wet. I have often wondered, "What if Peter had made it all the way to You on the water?" What if I decide to just face the stormy waters and keep my eyes on You...walking in ridiculous faith? Help me to keep stepping forward. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-33

Habakkuk 2:4

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