Fig Leaves Won't Cut It

It can begin with something slippery on the floor, or it can start with tripped up feet. It can even begin with your dog taking your legs out from under you (yeah, totally happened to me the other day). Regardless of how it starts, falling is something that none of us are immune to in this life.

As I walked around this morning stirring myself awake, I recognized some soreness on my right side. It hit me that when my over-the-top playful German Shepherd levelled me a couple of days ago, it left me with some after effects that are delayed in my feeling them. Sure, there was the initial jarring and embarrassment after I got a close-up of the ground, but I am still dealing with the fall today.

I decided this morning, therefore, to look into the fall...of man. The place where sin started. It is a very familiar story of deception, temptation and blame. Desire turned into disobedience, and then close fellowship turned into shame.

In reading the story again of Adam, Eve and the serpent, what stood out to me this morning was the connection of their nakedness to shame. They had been uncovered all along, but then suddenly when they knew that they were it caused them to want to cover themselves...even in front of each other. Sin has a way of causing you to want to hide in a corner and attempt to deal with the shame in a hidden place - alone.

Falling is embarrassing, no matter how graceful you may be. We don't want others to see us mess up, even when it is accidental. So we certainly don't want others to see us go down when we did it to ourselves. We look for the first fig leaves we can find in attempt to cover ourselves. But here's the kicker - we cannot possibly cover ourselves!!

Keep reading in that chapter and you will find that God - after dealing with the man, woman and snake - made tunics for Adam and Eve Himself. He covered their shame. Are you dealing with some sin (or attempting to) on your own today? Are you retreating into a fig-leaf mindset, hoping to cover yourself before the Lord comes around your way? I challenge you to remember that all fall down, but only the Lord can bring true covering of our shame in His Son.

There is only One who has never hit the ground in a fall Himself. I urge you to run to Him today.

Father, it hurts to fall, so thank You that You provided salvation and deliverance in Your Son. Help us to remember that only You can help us get back up again the right way. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Genesis 3

Proverbs 24:16

1 Corinthians 15:22

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