A Time to Speak...and to Not

There is a wisdom that is found in silence. In the pause between the words, rather than in the words themselves, there is a treasure waiting to be discovered. If only we could learn to hush.

This is ironically a subject often talked about - but should we dare to put into practice the art of being slow to speak and quick to listen, I believe it would amaze us to see the change brought from it. Why are we so addicted to filling the silence with our words, TV and radio noise, phone calls and Youtube videos?

It may feel odd to just sit in the quiet, but we need this kind of odd. It may feel peculiar to turn everything off for a little while and just wait, but we need this kind of peculiar. It may feel strange to stop talking and just listen to someone else...but they need you to be strange.

I think of my grandfather as I sit and write this. He didn't say much at all as I was growing up, but I know this: when he spoke, we listened. There was as much power in his silence as in his voice, because the words were chosen carefully. They weren't wasted.

I challenge you to choose all of your words so carefully so that when you do speak, others know to listen in because you don't just fill the void with senseless talk. I challenge you to be different and spend more time in prayer than in useless blabber. That way when you do speak up, others cannot wait to hear what you have to say.

Someone needs your ear today more than your words...be ready to hush.

Father, I want to learn to close my mouth and listen to You and to others. I want to practice the wisdom of silence so that when You release me to speak, it is Your Words that come from my mouth.


James 1:19

Ecclesiastes 3:7

Ecclesiastes 9:17

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