It's Personal

There are so many avenues and routes to take in writing about the cross. We could dive into Isaiah 53 and discuss the suffering Servant. We could dig into each account of the crucifixion in the gospels. We could look into the prophetic writings in the Psalms of the Lord wondering why His God had forsaken Him. I challenge you to take time to do all of these this stir up your first love by remembering Him who first loved you.

Rather than take a theological approach this morning, however, I feel led to be very personal. I think sometimes the cross isn't taken as personally as it should be; perhaps people in the world may hear that He died for all, but they have a hard time accepting that He died for each.

This may sound strange, but it had a very powerful effect on me...

Last year or the year before a scene from The Passion of the Christ was played at church. I have seen this film a few times, and the visual of my Lord suffering hurts me severely every time. But for some reason a different thought entered my heart that day. I am not saying that the Lord spoke to me, but I am saying that this pondering stirred in me to see a new level of His love.

As I watched the soldiers brutally scourge Him, seeing His blood cover them and the area surrounding Him, it occurred to me to picture my husband in His place. To envision the man who loves me the most on this planet willingly enduring this horrible torture for me. To see my bridegroom look at me and see me as worth all that he is going through in that moment. I cannot describe the tears that were stirred! Why? It became a lot more personal.

How much more does the Bridegroom love me? How much more does the Lover of my soul see me as worth His blood? Like I said, that may seem strange to you, but I challenge you to realize how personal your Savior is. I ask you to dare to believe that He didn't just die for all...He died for you.

Father, it amazes me that You don't just love the world...You love me. You see every flaw in me and love me anyway. You knew me then, and You came for me. Thank You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Luke 15:1-10

Luke 23:32-43

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