Lost and Found

Ironically, I just erased the entirety of all I had typed and was at the finish line...twice. I lost it...and I just about "lost it." However, I choose to write again, because I pray that this is meant for someone to read today. I do not want to allow something like that to make me stop so easily, so for time's sake this is a very stripped down version of what is on my heart this morning.

The song lyrics, "It was Your grace that found me," that we sang Sunday night took me to a time when I thought I was okay. When I was that "good girl" who followed the rules...while everyone was looking. When I didn't know I needed finding.

I didn't find the Lord in my "goodness," and I didn't find Him in my self-righteousness. I didn't find Him period. He found me. As we sang aloud, "It was Your grace that found me," I sang in my heart, "When I didn't know You were looking."

Some are lost in addiction, while others are lost on a pew. Some are lost in sin, while others are lost in their own righteousness. Regardless, the lost rarely know they are in need of finding.

How about we allow His grace to flow through us today as He seeks them. How about we stop just pacifying the ninety-nine and allow Him to use us in pursuit of the one. How about we love the lost...and celebrate the found. I am one of them.

Father, thank You that You don't stop chasing us. Thank You for stirring in us a pursuit of You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Luke 19:10

Matthew 7:7

Matthew 18:12

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