To the Brokenhearted...

I do not in any shape, form or fashion dare to claim any gardening abilities. I remember planting a sunflower seed in a cup of dirt in first grade and sitting it in a windowsill in my class...that's pretty much the extent of my experience. However, I do know this: soil that is broken receives seed better than that which is hardened.

It is on my heart this morning to encourage the brokenhearted.

I look back over the years, and I notice that it was those times when I was the most broken that my heart seemed to be more sensitive and available to hear from and find comfort in the Lord. It wasn't when everything was going the way I wanted. Pain seemed to be a catalyst in my drawing near to Him. And in turn, He drew near to me.

I pray this isn't pouring salt onto a wound to make you think of what is causing you hurt, but I ask you to expose your brokenness to Him. He isn't intimidated by a gaping gash; He is actually the only One who can cause it to heal the correct way. We may dare to stitch it up with a quick, feel-better remedy - leaving it to re-open later and then be in need of more of the same. But He stated in the Word that He was sent to "bind up the brokenhearted." Let Him.

How do you do that? Don't try to be tough and brave in prayer. Be honest. It may not be an overnight healing, but that's the best part. The more time you spend giving your heart to Him, the more time you get with Him! His nearness becomes addictive.

Remember that the soil that is broken is the perfect setting for receiving the seed. Plant the Word into your wound and recognize how it takes root in times of heartache. Perhaps it isn't you who are hurting right now, but you know of one with a broken heart. This is probably your best opportunity to sow into them, and His Words are a better comfort than ours.

Father, thank You for being near to the brokenhearted. Thank You that You don't look on our hurts with disappointment that we can't handle them. You comfort and heal us. Help us to turn to You for that healing. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Psalm 34:18

Psalm 147:3

James 4:8

Isaiah 61:1

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