It's Not about You

I shared with some teens yesterday a concept that breaches our natural human selfishness. It can be difficult to step outside of ourselves to do something that has no basis in its effect on us...but despite the difficulty, the reward is life-changing.

There are multiple reasons to do what is right, to walk in integrity. Love for the Lord, just because He said to, and because we have been taught to do so - just to name a few. If these motives don't seem to stir you, there is another that the Lord placed on my heart last week. It's not about you.

A few years ago I felt the Lord show me that the best way for me to fight in prayer for another person was to walk in integrity myself. Spiritual warfare for another goes beyond laying hands on them and praying for them in an altar: it is about the life I am living the rest of the week. This is scriptural. Think about the armor the Lord has given us...our vital organs are guarded by truth and righteousness.

How selfish are we if we choose to live life the way we want to with the mindset that we can just get washed up in the altar from week to week? We are doing no one else any good! I want to walk in integrity so that I am able to be the Lord's hands to set the prisoners that my feet can be those of one bringing good news to those lost without Him. I don't want to cherish sin in my heart, because the Word says that if I do so that the Lord will not hear me.

Rather than laying down our weapons to give into to temptation, let us lay down our selfishness and perhaps rescue others from captivity. Let us dare to step outside of ourselves today. You don't know who may be in need of your integrity.

Father, I am by nature very selfish. Please help me to live for You by living outside of myself...truly denying myself. Help me to love You by loving others. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Genesis 14:13-16

2 Timothy 2:22-26

Psalm 66:18

Ephesians 6

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