Build or Fight?

I do not claim to be a historian in any sense of the word, but I do draw from Scripture the way things are typically done in kingdom business. What I mean is this: the time for building and fortifying is usually a peace-time concept. It makes sense, right? We don't need to wait until we are in the heat of the battle to start building our fortresses of protection from our enemies.

However, this morning I am drawn to a moment in Scripture in which it was time to fight and build simultaneously.

It is a familiar story in which the workers in Nehemiah 4 worked at construction with one hand and carried a weapon in the other. Talk about double duty! They didn't have the luxury of peace to fortify the city. There were threats and opposition coming at them constantly to intimidate them into not rebuilding the wall...into basically leaving their city as open game for attack.

What is standing out to me this morning is the combination of the short-term and long-term battle mindset. These workers had to keep the long-term effect in mind to maintain the urgency of the short-term battle that had to be faced. Conversely, they had to keep the short-term battle mindset daily in order to sustain a long-term result. That can be overwhelming to think about, but absolutely necessary to execute. If they had dared to lay down their weapons while rebuilding the wall, the wall may never have been completed. Had they laid down their tools to simply fight off the opposition, the opposition would have already won as, once again, the wall would never have been completed.

What short-term battles do you face that are in actuality a necessary fight for long-term effects? How often do you forfeit some of these, not realizing the ripple effect they are having on your life and the lives of your family?

I dare you to recognize the wall of prayer and protection that needs built around your family, your church...your area of influence. Now as you envision this wall, I urge you to identify the daily battles that are trying to tear it down before it is even built.

I challenge you to stand firm. It is time to build, and it is time to fight. Put both hands to work.

Father, don't let us slack in the daily battles that the enemy would use to undercut the long-term fight at hand. Help us to stand firm daily. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Nehemiah 4

2 Chronicles 14:6-7

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