Forever Bride

I love the passage of Scripture in which John the Baptist is making it clear that he is not the Christ, that he is merely the friend of the Bridegroom. The way he let them know that the bride belongs to the Bridegroom, and that he must decrease from the picture - that we would all display the humility of this man! (Not really diving into this aspect this morning, just wanted to insert that side note.)

The bride belongs to the Bridegroom.

What is bursting in my heart this morning stems from personal celebration today. It is mine and my bridegroom's 20th Wedding Anniversary!! When you have been married half of your life, it can feel like it happened yesterday while at the same time feel like you have been married forever. Forever is more than a fairy tale, Hallmark movie, romantic comedy term. Eternity is found in the Lord...and so are those who belong to Him.

I love the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. In it there is a song about a June bride, and the lyrics lend to the feeling that a bride who marries in June is a bride for life. Well, I didn't marry in June, but all evidence displays that I am Jeff's bride for life. He still calls me beautiful. He still loves me more everyday. He still loves when I enter the room. He is still my best bridegroom.

Being a forever bride stirs in me the hope of the bride of Christ. The joy of getting ready for the wedding supper. The excitement of making sure the wedding gown is perfect. The love that binds us to the Bridegroom and carries us to that moment of seeing His face.

I urge you to celebrate the romance, the beautiful love story of the Father creating a bride for His Son...and then the Son redeeming her. The Bridegroom who truly gave His life for His bride. Now that is true love.

Father, thank You for the joys of life that stir in us the hope of those joys that are found in You...for eternity. You are so good to us. Thank You for eternal love. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


John 3:27-29

Revelation 19:7

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