High Places

You look up and realize that you aren't even halfway up the steep trek you agreed to back down on level ground...where it all looked so easy. You begin to feel disheartened as you realize your mind is rehearsing how easy it would be to just quit. Let this serve as an encouragement to you to take one step at a time. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

I feel the Lord used the analogy of a steep climb to encourage me in recent months through a very tough, strangely unexplainable, and seemingly forever-long season. Each step seemed to be walking uphill, and the spiritual fatigue was evidence of it. While it is easy to lift up another and cheer another on throughout his/her journey up the mountain, it is an entirely different thing to conquer the climb yourself.

A couple of things cause some difficulty: it begins to get colder, and the pathways begin to be so narrow that only one can fit. You recognize that the Lord is the One who leads you, but He doesn't feel as near. You long for comfort in the bare exposure to the elements, but the only refuge offered is the occasional small opening of a cold, damp cave. In a nutshell, you feel alone.

As you may often ponder - "What is the point of all this?" - let me remind you of the blessings of the mountain. Remember that David and Habakkuk each spoke of how the Lord made their feet like deer's feet and set them upon the high places. Remember that the higher you go, your perspective of everything below changes. Remember that the One who brought you this far will finish what He started...and He has a purpose for what He is doing.

Keep going. Don't turn back and forfeit all that this journey offers.

Sure, this is one mountain you would love to speak to and see it be cast into the sea...but then you wouldn't get to see the view from the top. : )

Father, I pray for all who are in their climbing gear right now. Please hold them and encourage them to keep going. You are faithful to complete what You begin in us. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Psalm 18:33

Habakkuk 3:19

Philippians 1:6

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