Stretch out Your Hand

It is human nature to try and face life with your best foot forward. You would rather a picture capture your "good side" and a job interview to showcase all of your best qualities. Funny how the Lord doesn't typically lead us to do things according to human nature.

There was a gentleman with a withered hand in the synagogue one Sabbath, and those who were looking for a reason to accuse Jesus used this man's infirmity as a means of testing Him. I love how the Lord used this man's infirmity as a means of silencing them and giving God glory.

He didn't heal the man in secret. He didn't take him aside outside of the synagogue later and restore his hand. He called him out in front of everyone there saying: "Stretch out your hand." As the man obeyed, his hand was restored. As the man revealed what I'm sure he would rather have kept hidden, his miracle was also revealed.

Has the Lord ever led you to "stretch out your hand"? In other words, have you ever had to bare your scars? Have you ever had to reveal your weaknesses to show God's glory through you? I hope I'm not alone in saying that this seems to be the way He leads me often.

When we share testimony, we don't typically tell of how great we have been all of our lives. No. We share the mess. We let everyone see the withered hand made whole.

It is easier for others to know that the Lord can bring healing in their lives once they know that you have weaknesses, too. I dare you to stretch out your may be just the hand that will lift another out of the darkness.

Father, please don't let me just show everyone how great things are, but also the messes You have healed. I give You my strengths, but I also give You every weakness to do with what You will. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Matthew 12:9-14

2 Corinthians 12:8-10

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