That's Not What I Said

Have you ever had a statement come back to you that you supposedly "said"? Not only did the words get kind of twisted around, but the meaning was definitely butchered in so doing. It hurts for someone to use your words to do damage...especially when they weren't your words in the first place.

The Lord spoke of false prophets in His Word and the severity of what they were doing. They were proclaiming peace to people, when there would in fact be no peace due to sin. They were not doing anything to discourage wrong doing, but rather they were tacking on "Thus says the Lord," to their proclamations to the people. The problem there? The Lord hadn't said what they were saying He had.

Has one of your kids ever rearranged something you said to make it fit what they wanted at the time, then tacked on "Mama said" or "Daddy said"? I have been standing nearby in one of these instances and immediately voiced, "I did not say that!" I had to make it clear that even if what I said was similar, something happened in translation to change the meaning.

We must be careful to first of all KNOW what the Lord is saying ourselves, and then to only declare what He has truly said when He wants it declared.

It is dangerous to misquote the Lord, and it is horrifying to make up something and attribute it to Him. We are not fond of people putting words into our mouths, so how dare we do so to our King. Words have so much power...even the wrong ones.

Father, I ask You to please set a guard over my mouth and keep watch over the doors of my lips. Help me to not say anything without Your permission and leading. Help me to speak clearly and confidently what You do want said. Give us ears to know what is Your voice and what is not. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Ezekiel 13

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