The Imperfect Gift

It is time for the biggest birthday party of the year, as we celebrate our Lord stepping into flesh as a Baby. If you are one who chooses gift bags rather than wrapping and shies away from decorating a lot because it cannot compare to Martha May from Whoville next door, then grab an oar because you are in the same boat with me.

Finding the perfect gift is definitely NOT my gift. Then wrapping what gift I do have for a loved one looks like I got into a fight with the wrapping paper…and lost. My decorating skills may even be worse than my wrapping ability, which is probably why my daughter has taken over in that department. I love Christmas, but it highlights a lot of insecurity in me.

I shared with some yesterday that this sadly reminds me of how we often operate in the kingdom of God. We feel our gift is not as “gifted” as another’s, so we withhold it altogether. We compare ourselves and end up not giving the Lord our best because it doesn’t seem to match up to someone else’s offering.

Do we think that the Lord was displeased with the frankincense of one wise man because it was not gold? Was the myrrh frowned upon because it didn’t smell as good as the frankincense? These gifts were laid before the King of kings as an act of worship. As far as I can tell from Scripture, the gifts were not rejected.

What do you have to give? Then give it the best way you know how. I have been trapped in a comparison tailspin. It is hard to offer what we have when we feel someone else offers it in a much prettier package. But please remember that we are not called to bring another’s gifts to the Lord!

What if the widow that Jesus caught giving all had withheld her gift because it didn’t compare to that of others around her? You are the only one who can offer the Lord what He has given you to offer. I dare you to let go of insecurity and just bring it.

Father, my wrapping may be ridiculous and my decorating may not measure up…but I long to give You what I do have with all of my heart. You didn’t call me to offer another’s gift, so I pray that You are pleased with my worship in the way that You gifted me to bring it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Matthew 2:1-12

Colossians 3:23

Romans 12:3-8

Mark 12:42-44

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