Down the Mountain

The mountaintop experiences are incomparable. There is something about those spiritual highs that leave us feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and closer to the Lord. However, it is the time immediately following the high that is crucial.

The prophet Elijah had experienced the quintessential mountaintop moment on Mt. Carmel. He had faced 850 false prophets in a showdown concerning who was really God. Of course, the Lord God Almighty answered by fire and the false prophets were humiliated and then executed. Victory was then followed by a drought-quenching rain as Elijah prayed.

I would say he was a on a spiritual high. The people had seen and acknowledged the Lord as God. The Lord then sent rain upon the land. So what could possibly go wrong? Jezebel.

The controlling, manipulative and wicked queen of Israel – whose false prophets had just been slaughtered by Elijah – heard about what happened. She let Elijah know through a message that he was going to pay for it with his life. Rather than stand for the Lord who had just come through on the mountain, Elijah allowed fear to dictate his response…and he ran.

He had fled with his servant, but then went further into the wilderness on his own. He isolated himself and began to display signs of depression…even wanting the Lord to take his life.

Despite the highs we can experience with the Lord, we are each susceptible to the lows of life, as well. Despite the victories that we witness God accomplish in our lives, we must recognize how vulnerable we are immediately following those moments. We must recognize that is was not our ability that brought us to the mountain, and it will not be our ability that carries us through the valley.

May we enjoy the mountain moments He gives us, but never forget to lean upon Him as we journey down the other side.

Father, this walk with You is not just a mountain to mountain path. There are times of vulnerability. There are seasons in the valley. You are still the same God You were in the highest moments of my life. I trust You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


1 Kings 18-19

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