Bitter into Sweet

I just drank some coffee, which of course leaves me dealing with a bitter taste in my mouth until something else follows. Bitterness. I am so thankful for the timely word concerning this subject that the Lord placed in Pastor’s heart to share this past weekend. Not only for all to hear and find healing and deliverance, but also because I personally needed it more than I realized.

In my life, bitterness tends to have the same effect as when the dentist numbs you before performing a filling. Later you could bite your lip off, yet not feel it because of the numbness. Such is the case with me. I become numb and do not even recognize that something is hardening me to the point that I am causing painful circumstances without the immediate pain.

Moses and the children of Israel experienced amazing deliverance from Egypt then miraculous victory in the crossing of the Red Sea. However, as per usual, a triumph is often followed by a trial. They went into the Wilderness of Shur following the Red Sea and walked for three days without finding water. Then the water they finally found was so bitter that they could not drink it.

At this point we typically start to forget how cool God’s miraculous power was a few days ago, because our immediate need tends to come to the forefront of our attention. So as we often do, they complained. They took it to Moses.

“So he cried out to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a tree. When he cast it into the waters, the waters were made sweet.”

Perhaps you find yourself consistently tasting bitter water due to past circumstances. Maybe you are okay with the taste because it is somehow numbing you from the hurt. I challenge you to recognize that there is a tree that can make the bitter sweet. I challenge you to run to the cross and find the love that can heal all brokenness, bitterness and hurt in your life.

You cannot find healing alone. Embrace the cross and allow the One who died upon it to make the bitter waters sweet. Allow the forgiveness He gave you there to penetrate and overtake you to the point that it flows into every hurt of your life (and then flows into those who caused them)...let the cross dive into your bitter waters and bring healing.

Father, I don’t want to continue raising the cup of bitterness to my lips, hoping that it will keep me guarded from any future pain. I choose to embrace the love of the cross and allow it to soften my heart again. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Exodus 15:22-26

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