It's Not Up to Me

December 3, 2018

As I approach writing this morning, I keep seeing a vessel – one that is to be filled and emptied by the one who has chosen it.  It is a beautiful pitcher with a few scratch marks on it from time and use.  However, it is sitting on a counter alone, rather than in the process of pouring.


There is a purpose behind the forming of a vessel by a potter.  It is typically not left to the vessel to choose this purpose.  It isn’t given the option to decide to become another creation.  It is intended to be held by its owner and used to fill others, regardless of it feels like it at the time.


It cannot choose what cups are to be filled by it.  It cannot decide for those cups what to do with the contents shared in the process.  It is simply to be filled and then emptied.  Filled again.  Emptied again.


It is not our place to let God know what we want to do and hope He blesses it.  Should we dare to step into a calling without being called, or act upon a gift that we were not given…we become the pitcher sitting on the counter not fulfilling its intended purpose. 


Perhaps we got tired of pouring, or perhaps we got angry with what the recipients did with what we shared with them.  So what?  What if we dared to get over ourselves and get under the will of the One who wants to pour through us?  What if we actually grasped the concept that life is not about us?


We are to be filled and emptied.  Filled again.  Emptied again.

We are to present our bodies as living sacrifices…isn’t up to the sacrifice to choose what happens next. 


Father, I want to submit wholeheartedly to Your will.  I want to honestly lay my will down daily and trust You with whatever You want to do in my life and with my life.  In Jesus’ Name.  Amen.



2 Timothy 2:20-21

Jeremiah 18:1-11

Isaiah 64:8

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