Just Wait - Seasons Pass

There is a discomfort in knowing the Lord at times. It is when you feel like you are doing everything you know to do in His will, yet you cannot hear Him clearly at the time and cannot discern the next step. If you are in this season now, I invite you into a beautiful Psalm with me. If you are not in this season now, I still invite you…as you should prepare yourself for the day it comes your way.

Psalm 69 is such a powerful psalm of David, as it gives a clear picture of One who was later to experience what David was prophetically writing. You see, we are not the only ones who go through those times of feeling cut off from the Lord’s nearness.

David was crying out for God to save him; he felt like he was sinking into the mire, and the waters were coming up to his neck. He felt as though all were turning against him. I get the sense that he felt alone in seeking Him, in wanting God’s will. He was bearing shame and reproach, and he noted that it was for the Lord’s sake. In the end he chose to praise Him. He chose to glorify the only One who could save him, whether he felt saved at the moment or not.

I see Christ on the cross. Multitudes turning against Him for no fault of His own. Feeling separated from and forsaken by the One whom He submitted to in obedience in the garden. Yet He stayed on the cross.

There are times – when you truly want to walk closely with the Lord and know Him in all aspects – that you “feel” a million miles away from Him. I challenge you to stay on the cross. Continue to take up your cross daily and follow Him. Keep obeying and reading and praying, though you may not hear clearly what your next step should be. The Word is a lamp for your feet and a light for your path, so cling tightly to it as you choose to praise the only One who can rescue you from sinking into the mire.

Just wait…a season doesn’t last forever, but life in Him does.

Father, there is no better feeling than Your nearness, and there is no worse feeling than not sensing it. Help us to wait upon You and cling tightly to Your Word through every up and down of this walk with You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Psalm 69

Matthew 27:45-46

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