Recover All

One morning last week, there was a sense that I was battling a spirit of depression (not giving the enemy any credit in this, merely exposing him for the coward that he is). As I recognized my foe for what it was, a Scripture crossed my heart. I pray that the Lord encourages you with this today as He did me that morning.

David and his men had returned to where they were living to find their women, children and possessions taken by an enemy nation. All were turning against David because their grief was so great, so David did something unique. There was none around that he could turn to, so he encouraged himself in the Lord his God. One translation says that he "strengthened" himself in the Lord.

Upon this self-encouragement, David asked the Lord about pursuing the enemy. The Lord let him know to do so and that he would "without fail recover all." And that is exactly what happened.

I encourage you to encourage yourself in the Lord and take inventory. See what the enemy may possibly have swept in and taken from you without your awareness. Then find out what the Lord would have you do about it. I pray that if joy has been stolen from you, that He will enable you to recover all. If peace has been stolen from you, that He will strengthen you to recover all.

Don't give up, even when all around you seem to be against you. There is a unique intimacy with the Lord found in those moments when it is just you and Him. Use what the enemy would hurt you with to draw near to the Lord...turn his weapon back against his own head.

Father, I will rejoice and be glad in You. I choose to rejoice. I choose to encourage myself in You. You are enough. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


1 Samuel 30

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