Unexpected - Turning Point pt. 2

A couple of days ago it was on my heart to discuss how Moses had turned aside to see why the bush did not burn. Also, to point out the choice of the two men who unknowingly listened to the Word Himself unknowingly. I ask you to enhance the magnification of the lens and get a closer look with me today.

There are moments - even seasons - of our lives in which we long to just get away from life for a little while. To just leave what we're dealing with and walk away. Moses had led the sheep to the back side of the desert and had ended up at Mt. Horeb - the mountain of God. In a previous devotion, I relayed how Horeb literally means "desolate." Have you ever felt like you have ventured to the back side of the desert and have found your life in a desolate place? There is no fruit being born, and there is no life bursting forth. You are in a dry place.

The two men were walking away from where all of the commotion had taken place. Maybe they just couldn't deal with it anymore - the fact that their Master and Teacher had been crucified, buried and now gone from the tomb. Have you ever just laid it all down and chose to leave it all behind so that you wouldn't have to deal with it anymore...if even for just a little while?

What is on my heart to highlight this morning is this: the seasons of desolation and isolation cannot silence the voice of the Lord. No matter how far away we feel like we are, He is there! When you least expect to hear from Him, He is able to call to you. I'm sure a burning bush was the last thing Moses was looking to find that day. I'm sure the Lord Himself opening up the Scriptures was not who those guys thought would cross their path that day.

You are never in a place where you cannot hear from Him...just pay attention, because He may not speak the way you are used to Him speaking.

Father, I want my eyes to be open and my ears to be open to know Your voice in every season. Thank You that no matter where I am, You are still there. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Exodus 3:1-4

Luke 24:13-35

Psalm 139

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