Turning Point

Each of us has experienced those times in life that presented us with a crossroads. You know, one of those end of the road, gotta turn right or left kind of places. A choice had to be made, and the path forward was determined by it. It was a turning point.

Two very different - and what I thought to be unrelated passages of Scripture - have been on my heart recently. I pray that you gather the meat of each of them and fully prepare yourself for the turning points of your life with the Word at Your side.

We are familiar with Moses' encounter with the Lord at the burning bush. He had led the sheep to the back side of the desert and had ended up at the mountain of God. Noticing a bush on fire, yet not consumed, he turned to go see why this was happening. The Lord didn't call him until He saw that he turned aside to look. Moses made a choice that took him from an everyday journey with the sheep to a journey shepherding the children of Israel.

Two followers of Christ journeyed to Emmaus after the empty tomb had been discovered. They were travelling away from Jerusalem discussing all that had happened the past several days. (Sidebar - I love how a conversation about the Lord will soon be joined by Him.) Jesus joined the journey and the conversation, and pretty soon the Word of God was opened to them in a way they were probably not expecting. This Man they were kept from recognizing suddenly became known to them after He broke the bread and gave it to them. When they recognized Him and recognized how their hearts had been burning as He spoke the Word to them, they soon turned back to Jerusalem.

A bush on fire. Hearts on fire. When the Lord is near, there is a flame that consumes without consuming. But there is also a choice to make. Do you keep going, travelling the same way you have been travelling, just to keep things safe and similar? Or do you choose to get a closer look and draw near to the Lord with all your heart?

I challenge you today to recognize the turning points along your journey and find out the direction the Lord is taking you. Your life will never be the same...and you never know what other lives could be changed in the process.

Father, the crossroads of life can be unnerving, but You are faithful to give direction. You said that if we lack wisdom, to ask of You. Help me to sense the flames of Your Presence and to listen to You with an obedient heart. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Exodus 3:1-4

Luke 24:13-35

Jeremiah 6:16

James 1:5

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