Let's Battle

It is not a good feeling to have that sense that it is one of those seasons of enemy attack. It is a great feeling, however, to know that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. It is an amazing feeling, moreover, to know that my God can take whatever the enemy would use against me and turn it around for good...that He can turn the same weapon that would be used against me back against him.

I challenge you today to not only recognize the threats of the enemy, but also to recognize the power and authority of God Almighty. Don't step back in fear, scrambling to know how to respond when something bigger than you is stepping into the ring with you. Go straight to the Word of God where there is victory in Him every time.

This morning a couple of different Bible lives crossed my heart in connection to this: Joseph and Esther. Both individuals witnessed unjustified and unfair circumstances against them. However, both leaned on the Lord and saw victory despite the circumstances. Joseph recognized that what was meant for harm against him was actually intended by the Lord for good. Esther saw the tables turned and what would cause fear for her people develop into the enemy having a fear of her people.

Stand. Hide the Word in your heart, and hide your heart in the Word. Being a child of God doesn't mean that no battle will have to be faced, but that you can walk out on the other side with a win in the Lord. Jesus stood on and quoted the Word to defeat Satan in the wilderness. How much more should we?

Father, You are faithful to fight against those who fight against me. Don't let me dare try to step into the ring in my own ability. I hide myself in You, and I wait for Your victory. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Genesis 50:20

Esther 8:17 - 9:2

Psalm 119:11

Psalm 35:1

Isaiah 49:25

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