Being Followed?

As I mentioned last week, dealing with the past while looking ahead has been on my heart a lot lately. This morning a beautiful picture landed in my heart, and I pray you receive peace from its realization.

Psalm 23 is a most-beloved passage of Scripture. We see ourselves as sheep following the Good Shepherd wherever He chooses to lead us. Sometimes we land in green pastures, and sometimes we find ourselves travelling through the valley of the shadow of death. There are even times that we know the enemy is near, but we are able to pull up to the table and dine without fear...because we are with our Shepherd.

He leads us forward in the path of His choosing. So why do we have those seasons in which looking back seems to be the recipe for taking the next step? Well, think on this: when you look back, you should find mercy and goodness following closely behind you.

When you glance to yesterday, sure you see your mistakes...but look a little closer and find the mercy of the Lord picking you up again. When you look back to a few years ago, sure you see things that didn't work out the way you had planned. Please keep looking to find the goodness of the Lord making all of those things work together. You are being followed on this journey, and the glance behind you should cause more than regret. It should cause reassurance - you have never been alone.

You are being followed as you are being led. Be content in the knowledge that your past is covered in mercy and clothed in goodness, and your future is held by the One leading you each step of the way. You are surrounded by love.

Father, thank You for leading me every step of this journey, and thank You for letting me look back to see Your mercy and goodness follow me on this path with You. You are so good, and Your mercy truly endures forever. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Psalm 23

Psalm 136:1

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