This may be an ordinary, seemingly monotonous day to you. This day may be uneventful in comparison to the highlights of your life. I dare you to step outside of the walls of your own little world - daring myself, as well - and realize that your ordinary can be someone else's amazing.

This day may be a combination of storms swirling around you. It may present to you a gust of wind that knocks you off course of where your life was clearly headed. May each of us look around a moment to see the fruit that is possible for us to bear out of season...daring to push against the current of circumstances and thrive on another's behalf.

This day may be an onslaught of attack. This day may leave you grasping for some semblance of peace by the end of it. I dare you to muster whatever you have left and offer it on the altar of worship. I dare you, and myself, to praise God through the pain until the foundations of your prison are shaken...and the chains of all around you are loosed.

We sometimes roll with the punches of daily life to the point that we are dependent on what happens to us to determine our response. How about we choose our response now? I choose to praise the Lord. I choose to find Him - even in the darkest hour and on a path that is way off course. I choose to respond rather than react.

Paul bore fruit for the Lord on the island of Malta, despite the fact that the shipwreck there didn't have to happen...despite the fact that a snake latched onto him out of nowhere. He and Silas responded with praise when they had been stripped and beaten severely in Phillipi and then placed in an inner prison. As they sang in the midnight hour, the prisoners listened to them. There was a suddenly moment - the earth quaked, the foundations of the prison were shaken, and EVERYONE'S chains were loosened!

I determine my response to life, and my response determines the fruit that I bear. The world is unknowingly starving for the fruit of the Spirit - let's choose to be a tree that bears it no matter where we are planted at the time.

Father, I want to look for ways to praise You no matter what I am doing or what happens in my life. Help me to give you everything I have, regardless of if my circumstances are what I want at the time. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Acts 16:16-34

Acts 28:1-10

Colossians 3:17

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