I'm sure if you have had any interaction with a computer, you have been there - everything is freezing up and being weird, and there is nothing left to do but reboot. The ctrl-alt-del option is amazing in that it gives you the ability to restart everything. Who doesn't like a do-over once in a while?

The thought of re-starting has been on my heart since last night. How do you do so in life? It's easy to hit three keys on the computer at once, but what about when it comes to your everyday existence?

Last night I was reading with my daughter about the end of Job's life. What stood out to me to pour into her was the path that it took for him to get there. If you just read the last chapter, you see a man who received a double portion outpouring in his latter years. It isn't typically the last chapter that we focus on when it comes to Job, however. We hone in on the brokenness and time of trial. We pay close attention to the loss and pain.

Something popped out of my mouth as I spoke with Avery about it that caught my attention, like the Lord was wanting me to listen in specifically to this: Job had to be broken down to be able to be built up to where the Lord wanted him to be. I believe the double portion was possibly the reason the Lord dangled Job in front of Satan at the beginning of the story. The Lord knew this man was blameless and feared Him, so I can see how the Lord wanted to pour out a surplus into his life. Perhaps Job's life gives us a good picture of why trials and attacks that are meant to hurt us can actually be the paths the Lord is using to get us where He desires us to be.

There are instances of brokenness and rebuilding throughout the Word. It takes repentance to bring us to a place of renewal. Sometimes it takes brokenness to bring us to a place of rebuilding. I don't want to just try and build something good on top of the mess that needs corrected in my life. I want a re-do. I want a mulligan.

I challenge you to allow the Lord to tear down the structures in your life that hinder the ultimate blessing He desires for you. Sometimes you just need a clean slate, a re-start...a ctrl-alt-delete.

Father, brokenness isn't fun, but it is necessary at times. I don't want to try to build onto what needs to be removed. Help me to accept the clean slate moments as Your way of bringing me back to purity. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Job 1-2, 42

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