Again...and Again

I was blessed with one more opportunity to stand before some teens yesterday and share what the Lord had placed in my heart. I pray that the lesson/message encourages and stirs you today.

We look up to certain spiritual heroes, and we desire to have a closeness with the Lord as they do. We see them operating in the anointing, and we watch them bear the fruit of the Spirit in their everyday lives. Did it happen overnight? Did their walk with the Lord start out as strong as it is now?

There is a quote from the animated movie Guardians of Ga'Hoole that speaks volumes to me. It is spoken by a hero to one who looks up to him:

"War isn't glorious, amazing, or even heroic. It's merely doing what's right and doing it again and again."

There is no quick fix formula to walking in spiritual maturity. It is choosing to do what's right consistently. It is choosing to crucify the flesh consistently. It is choosing to read the Word, seek the Lord, pray and fast consistently.

I think of Elijah kneeling down in prayer on the top of Mt. Carmel. There had been no rain for three and a half years, but he knew that the Lord was sending it. He sent his servant to go look toward the sea, so the servant looked and saw nothing. No clouds, no rain...nothing. So Elijah said to go look again...and again...and again. Finally the seventh "again" produced a small visual of what was coming.

Do we stop seeking if we don't find what we want from the Lord the first time, the second time? Do we expect a grand moment of glory in His Presence one time to be the spiritual sustenance we need for a lifetime of walking with Him? "The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." It isn't so much the one long, beautiful prayer that we pray for others to hear that proves our relationship with Christ. It is all of those lifted up behind closed doors that no one hears but Him.

Maturity isn't found in a moment, in the glow of a spiritual high on the mountaintop. It is found in going back to our knees again and again. Look at those that you look up to and realize that they didn't get where they are overnight. I challenge you to seek the Lord, and then seek Him again. I challenge you to obey the Lord, and obey Him again. His faithfulness is again and again...shouldn't ours be?

Lord, I choose to crucify my flesh today, and then do so again tomorrow. I want to be consistent and faithful in prayer. I don't want to depend on a moment of a glorious encounter to carry me to the end. I want to be faithful as You are to me. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


1 Kings 18:41-44

James 5:16-18

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