Stir It Up!

This past weekend an out-of-nowhere urge to clean off my front porch was awakened in me. It was way overdue and looks much better now, but the lessons I learned through the process blow the results out of the water.

There were wasp nests clinging to the ceiling, and I knew that my husband had assured me that he had killed the wasps connected to these nests. So of course, part of my goal was going to be to knock all of their nests down - goals were changed pretty quickly. Before I could even get to that part of the cleaning process, I proceeded to pick up a cushion from one of the chairs to beat on it and get it to the point of being presentable. Come to find out there were a couple of wasps living under the cushion - a pretty large nest was attached to the cushion on the underside! Needless to say they were not very happy with my disturbing their living quarters.

Long story short, I stubbornly kept cleaning the porch despite my new company in the undertaking. They didn't like me there. They didn't approve of my stirring things up in what they thought was theirs. Granted, it was my fault for allowing them to think it was theirs for as long as they had, but as I said to them repeatedly as they hovered near me that day - it's not your house!!!

When we decide to allow the Lord to do a house-cleaning in our lives, things that have had a stronghold for a while will not approve. Obedience in repentance and bearing fruit that shows that repentance will stir up the wasp nests in our lives. Your life is not their house, it belongs to the Lord! We need to take back what the enemy thinks he has dominion over in our worlds.

Our weapons are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. I challenge you to allow the Lord to reveal the strongholds in your life - and then to have courage to face whatever you must face to have them torn down and destroyed. Just for fun, I dare you to scream at the enemy - "It's not your house!!"

Father, I think sometimes we want Your will in our lives, but we don't like rocking the boat and stirring up the enemy. Please give us courage to not stop walking with You no matter what we face. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


2 Corinthians 10:4

Judges 14:1-4, 15:1-11

Mark 3:27

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