Laying Down Your Life

What do you do when you don't have it in you to fight your own battles anymore? You can't seem to find the desire to keep going, so you allow life to just happen...and the issues you deal with begin to deal with you. How can you possibly climb out of this rut? Fight for someone else.

I have mentioned before how certain movies give me a good visual lesson. Well, The Hunger Games trilogy of books and movies put this certain thought on display for me. If you aren't familiar, I will sum up the basic underlying theme that stood out to me: She didn't do all that she did to be a hero; she was consistently fighting for another through it all. It kept her going. It kept her pushing. She wasn't passionate about the war they were caught up in, but she was passionate about stepping into the gap for someone she loved. That person wore different faces throughout the story, but it held the heroine to the course.

A few years ago, I felt the Lord teach me that the best way to fight for another spiritually is to walk in integrity myself. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. There is something about trying to pray and fight for another - you must genuinely allow the Lord to deal with you. When you know that another is in need of your boxing gloves in the ring for them, you are much more likely to stay in shape and in fighting condition. When it is just about your own struggles, it is easier to give up quickly.

There is something about seeing one of my loved ones hurting and dealing with something that causes an awakening in me to pray harder, to pray more consistently. Greater love has no one than to lay down one's life for a friend. I believe this means more than just to be willing to die for someone...let us be willing to lay down our own selfishness on behalf of another. Let us live in integrity on purpose. Let us be determined to see the chains break in our own lives, so that we can actually do some damage to the chains of another.

I challenge you to get into the ring on behalf of someone else, and then watch the Lord fight for you. There is nothing like standing in the gap for another to hold you to the narrow course.

Father, we weren't created to live in an isolated manner. You called us members of the body of Christ, and the hand cannot make it on its own...nor the eye or ear. Help us to rejoice and mourn with each other. Help us to fight for each other in prayer. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


John 15:13

1 Corinthians 12:12-27

Romans 12:15

James 5:16

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