That Was Smooth

David was stepping up to the plate, and no one wanted to do what he was daring to do. He was facing a giant alone. King Saul had placed his own armor upon him, as David did not come equipped with any of his own. However, David wasn't comfortable and chose to merely pick up a handful of smooth stones and his slingshot.

What giant do you face today? What is taunting you with its height and power that is genuinely too strong and too big for you? I dare you to not try and face it in your own ability. Yes, we can do all things through Christ...but we can do nothing without Him.

Just as David announced that he came to face him in the Name of the Lord, we must face our battles in this same Name. How often do we attempt to wear Saul's armor? Do we try to go to the battle lines wearing what someone else has taught us, without getting to know God's will and strategy for ourselves? Please remember that David had learned to know and trust God in previous battle with a lion and a bear. He knew Him for himself. Do you know Him? Can you truthfully run into battle in the Name of the Lord?

I think of the sons of Sceva who tried to cast a demon out of a man "in the Name of Jesus whom Paul preaches." The evil spirit let these men know that it knew Jesus and knew about Paul, but did not recognize the authority of these guys. They tried to wear a Name that they didn't truly know for themselves. They tried to do something in the Name of Jesus without living in the Name of Jesus.

I don't want to face life wearing the armor of another's relationship with the Lord. I want to know Him for myself. I want to be able to scoop up a handful of smooth stones, knowing that I have spent time with the One walking into battle with me...and that He has never failed me yet.

Lord, those stones had spent time in the river, and their rough edges had been made smooth. I want to be close to You, having spent time with You...knowing that even when the enemy thinks I am not strong enough, that the One holding me is. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


1 Samuel 17

Acts 19:11-20

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