I was placed on the auction block, presenting myself to be sold as a slave to whomever would rule me. I had the marks of chains on my wrists and ankles...dried blood from the futile struggle against bondage. I stood waiting to see what would control me next; who would my oppressor be?

A Man came and whispered to those holding me up in shame. I wondered if He had struggled before as I had, because I saw horrible scars on His hands and feet. As I watched the scene play out in front of me, I realized that they were talking about me. He would look at me with gentle eyes, though my appearance was shameful and embarrassing. He would look at me with that I didn't understand or expect from any coming to the auction that day. He looked at me, and He saw me.

Before I knew it, my chains were gone. Before I could grasp what was happening, He had taken my hand. He was leading me to a place where I could get washed up and changed. I told Him that I didn't have any other clothes to change into, and He gave me one of His garments. It was amazing...when He wrapped His tunic around me, He had not changed at all. He seemed to have a never-ending supply of all I could ever need.

I asked Him what had happened. "I have redeemed you," He said with such a sweet authority that I felt my past melt away in the words. I am redeemed. I am no longer a slave to fear, a slave to sin. I am no longer bound to obey the oppressors who wanted nothing more than to abuse and destroy me. I have been bought back by the One who created me.

I am not my own. I belong to this Man who purchased my life with His. I am free from sin, and completely and eternally bound to Jesus. The tie to Him is a chain that I never want loosened. I am saved.

Father, thank You for looking upon me and sending Your Son to save me. I didn't earn salvation, but You paid for it anyway. Thank You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


John 8:34

Hosea 3:1-2

Isaiah 61:10

Ezekiel 16:1-14

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