It is a true challenge in today's world to be alone. You can be in your room, car or your home all by yourself, but are you alone? There is usually a companion in the form of a phone, TV, or radio. Right?

The word "alone" keeps popping up in my spirit as I contemplate writing this morning. When is the last time you genuinely spent time with the Lord all by yourself? No invasions or intrusions from the outside world. Even when we are serious about it and leave the phone in the other room, our thoughts and burdens have a tendency to jump into the secret place with us.

I think of how the Lord Jesus made a point to go pray by Himself at times. He knew that there had to be time alone connecting with His Father. How much more should we make the effort to go into the closet and shut the door? What are we so afraid of missing? What are we so connected to that we cannot let go of it for a little while?

I confess that my phone has been sitting beside me this morning with music playing. It is habit to get some coffee and turn on some worship music, but I want to go beyond habit. What if I dared to just worship with a new song from my heart to His, without the aid of Pandora? What if we dared to turn down the volume of everything around us so that we can hear what the Spirit says to the churches...what the Spirit says to us?

The beauty of getting truly alone with the Lord is that it is probably the least alone we could ever feel. It is impossible to find more fulfilling company.

Lord, I want to turn down the noise of everything and everyone and get alone with You consistently. I don't want to crave distraction; I want to yearn for stillness with You. Teach me to come away with You again. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Luke 5:16

Matthew 14:23

Mark 6:46

Luke 6:12

Mark 1:35

Song of Solomon 2:10-14

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