I Don't Understand

Funny story...I started typing this yesterday, but something happened and I wasn't able to complete it. Things didn't go my way, and I was a little bent out of shape. Ironically, when I slowed down a moment to realize, I was kind of living what I had written in a way. We don't have to understand His ways...just obey them.

The Scriptures that I ask you to hone in on this morning take place as Jesus' arrest at Gethsemane is nearing and happening. In the first instance, the Lord instructs His friends that if they don't have a sword to make sure that they buy one. Later we come to the place where Peter is cutting off the high priest's servant's ear to defend His Master.

Jesus let Peter know to put the sword away, that what was happening was supposed to be happening. He had given them directions to make sure they had a sword...yet rebuked the use of it.

Is it just me who walks away from this going, "Why in the world did You want them to have swords, if this was not the reason?" I would love to say that I have gained complete understanding of this interesting portion of Scripture, and that I am going to lay it out on a platter for you. Sorry, but that is not what is happening. What I do feel led to share is that often the Lord has us in preparation mode for something around the corner, yet we end up discovering that it was not at all what we thought it might be.

There is a scene in the movie Alice in Wonderland that I feel the Lord used to show me something powerful about His Word. (The Lord can use whatever He wants to speak to us.) She was to cling to the sword, because it knew what it wanted...all she had to do was hold onto it. Often we take the Sword - the Word - into our own hands and try to wield it the way we think we need to in certain situations. However, His Word will not return to Him void, but will accomplish the purpose for which HE sent it. Not for the purpose we have in mind.

I may not know until the other side of eternity what Jesus had in mind when He instructed His friends to buy a sword. I want to find out what His purpose is for me, rather than dare to wield His Word with my own purpose at heart. I choose to hold onto His Word, letting it do what it wants in my life and in every situation. His ways are higher, and I don't have to understand to obey them.

Father, it isn't for us to always understand Your ways but to obey. I want to strive to find out what You want to do in and through my life. Lead me, O Lord. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Luke 22:35-38

Matthew 26:47-56

Isaiah 55:8-11

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