Change the Story

In good old John the Baptist style I will share this thought rather simply and to the point as he did. This man was the one sent to prepare the way for the Lord. John was the man who was to make the rough places smooth and to level out the road that the Lord would travel. How did he do that? "Repent!"

What stands out to me to share today is this: Don't just constantly say, "I repent," without actually changing directions. The people asked John what they should do, and he told them. He said it in such a cool way to me:

"Bear fruit in keeping with repentance."

He gave them examples of ways to change how they were living. We can't just say that we repent and keep walking down the same road. There has to be a turn-around at some point. Now I understand that only the Lord can give grace to change me completely, but it is definitely in my ability to take a step toward Him.

Like I said, this is simple and to the point, but I keep hearing the word "Change" in my spirit. We have to do something! Change the story. Let your children and your loved ones see the fruit of repentance in your life. Who knows but that it will cause a ripple effect in all those around you?

Father, I cry out for a true and deep repentance in each of our hearts. Let the rough ways be made smooth and the crooked places be made straight. You are coming soon, Lord Jesus, and I long for us to be ready. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Matthew 3:1-12

Luke 3:1-20

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