Identity Crisis

Just a little bit of a disclaimer, this may be offensive to some who read this. The only way I dare to tread controversial territory is when I know that I am not walking into it alone, but with the Word of God. I have been reading in Exodus, still camping out in the beginnings of Moses' story. As I read, I felt in my spirit that the Holy Spirit was highlighting some pieces of the story that could discredit a lot of what is accepted today.

I do not attempt to sound out with a voice of my own judgment, but I do feel responsible to share what the Lord has entrusted to me from the truth of His Word. I dare you to dig deeper into Exodus 2, rather than skimming over Moses' birth and growth to adulthood. Sadly, we become so familiar with the story (or a movie that isn't 100% biblically accurate), that we often don't give the Lord the time to deal with us in this passage. But I say this to all who cling to the shroud of "I was born this way" - to all who don't know who they are, so they have believed a lie of the enemy: we were all born into sin...but that doesn't have to be our identity.

I want you to think about Moses for a moment. He was born a Hebrew, who was hidden and found by an Egyptian princess, who paid his mom to nurse and care for him for a while, who brought him back to be raised in Egyptian royalty. Then at forty years old he went out "to his brethren", the Hebrews. He attempted to be the deliverer that he must have felt as his calling even then by killing an Egyptian oppressor. We know the story: later he fled because of the murder to Midian, where he married and lived with her family as a shepherd. The way Moses saw himself was wrapped up in what he named his son. He said, "I have been a stranger in a foreign land." Gershom means "Stranger there."

He never fit into any group. He was a Hebrew living as an Egyptian, yet he called the Hebrews his brethren. When the princess opened the ark and found him as a baby, she recognized him as Hebrew. When the daughters of who would be his father-in-law described him as the man who helped and "delivered" them, they described him as an Egyptian. Who was he? A Hebrew Egyptian living half of his life as a shepherd in Midian. ???

Sure, I was born into sin, born under the weight of certain oppression because I am flesh. I was born in Egypt, but the promise of the life of God is deliverance...not acceptance of the oppression as who I am. Why are some things seen as okay because it is how an individual feels about themselves, yet if a serial killer or an adulterer who was born under the oppression to commit heinous things does them it is never seen as okay? Because none of it is okay! If it is against the Word - regardless of if it is how we feel - it isn't okay! I love all who are under the weight of oppression, but I hate the fact that the oppression has been embraced as their identity. I love the bound, but I hate the chains.

If anyone had issues with identity it was Moses. So what did it take for him to know who he was? He got to know whose he was. He found out the Name of the One who designed him: I AM. It doesn't matter who we think we are, it matters who He created us to be. And we are never going to find out by looking into our own feelings. We must look into the mirror of His Word.

Father, I long to see people free from the lies of the enemy, the lies of the oppressor. I thank You that You are able to set us free from chains that are too heavy for us to deal with, so I ask You to please give a recognition of these chains to those who have accepted them as garments. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


Exodus 2-3

Psalm 51:5

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